1. me

    i didnt know you could get herpes on your breast. I gues it just ran out of places to go…..

  2. aulray

    if she falls, is it called a double nip-slip?

  3. seizures

    I hate to admit that for a plastic whore, she looks kinda ok.

  4. Raoul

    The doctor apparently left some beef jerky stapled to the left one.

  5. I didn’t know scabs could double for nipples.

  6. She’s not rollerblading, she’s just wearing rollerblades while posing her new, even more ridiculous implants for the camera guy she brought along with her.

  7. Jimbob

    She is not only beautiful, but just the right shape and proportion. I love her boy hips, her thin legs and the fabulous implants. Her face is cute and adorable. I hate the tats, but would fuck her and suck her all night long in the dark.

    • kara

      fabulous implants? you must not get hot REAL girls very often. she is completely fake & not in the right proportion at all, actually.

  8. MisterSuccint

    Oy vey! This I should take home to meet my mother already?

  9. Solarboobies!

    Yeah, I’m old.

  10. TheListener

    Am I the only one that thinks that’s just a bra she’s wearing as a top? Shouldn’t an areola be circular in shape? What’s wrong with hers?

  11. Most of the survivors were thrilled when Tila arrived at the annual rollerblading for breast cancer awareness event.

  12. Britney :)

    Well, at least if she falls she won’t break her nose :P

  13. Williemon

    Those are some serious fake….

    Blue eye contacts

  14. why is she famous again?

  15. Seriously?

    What’s not to like? She’s tiny, fit, attractive, and has nice fake boobs. She’s better looking than most of the women walking around. So she may be a bit of a whore. I’ve banged plenty of whores in my day. I’d do her in public on top of the pope.

  16. welldoneson

    I’ve seen this twit’s nips so often I feel like we’ve had sex.
    (washes hands) No seriously, I feel like we just did it and now we’re having an argument over money (washes hands).

  17. Kurt C.

    At least if she wipes out, she’s got airbags to break her fall.

  18. spartacus

    And she’s clearly never ‘bladed as we can see her wristguards are on the wrong way around.

  19. Moron_Slayer2000

    Wow. Fuck you Superficial. Hypocritical piece of shit. Slam racism and racist comments then go and make a jew/investment remark? I would think, if you aren’t a complete moron, that you’d pull that remark before your sponsors get the opportunity to see it.

  20. Stanza

    I’m scared of her nipple, does it hurt?

  21. This chick needs to go away. She is a waste of space.

  22. onos

    hey i didn’t women could keep slices of peperoni in the bikinis…. they’re so smart and will never go hungry

  23. Abe Lincoln

    Whoa, she look more like Michael Jackson/whatever with tits day by day.

  24. notimpressed

    What? Adolf would’ve killed me if he was alive cuz I’m not a blonde, white German? Oh crap, I thought he would’ve loved my boobs.

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