1. Cock Dr

    Will she also bite the head off of a live chicken?
    If so please let us know where and when so we may be there ready with rotten tomatoes.

  2. She looks like a Pez Dispenser that jammed.

  3. gateau

    Gollum. I was thinking of someone and it just came to me. Gollum.

  4. anonym

    big ass wide face and jaw, small frame, and big fake tits.

    what a combination.

  5. jaime

    She can come and live with me, if she does what I say.

  6. Chris

    Moron has her wrist guards on backward…

  7. She’s advertising her new franchise business, Skanks On Wheels.
    Calling Kat Von D!! Calling Lindsay Lohan!! Calling any Kardashian female!! etc.

  8. frcrkr

    I noticed the wrist guards too. No good having the soft side on the palms when a crash happens…

  9. Dox

    Who the hell rollerblades in full makeup?

  10. Jaime

    Anyway I can get the body, without the brain? I’d use it for a while.

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