1. tilaboob


  2. Matrim

    Bah, those are just scratches. My sister had better scars than that by the time she was 14. Those things will be gone in two weeks, tops.

  3. Leta

    Ok…she obviously wants people to see these…WTF? Why put sparkles on them? That bitch is all sorts of crazy.

  4. shallow super-visible cuts? OMGPAYATTENTIONTOMEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. joho777

    Why is this malicious little goblin surfacing again?

  6. RaraAvis

    Wow – what an attention whore. She needs to put a little more effort into it.

    Oh, wait – no she doesn’t. This was enough for her to get posted, right?

  7. What the hell was that supposed to be, suicide by ball pen? I could do a better job with a plastic spork.

  8. madel

    she looks better/less annoying with her mouth closed (pic 15 she might actually be pretty)

  9. What a pussy. Deeper!

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