1. Bob Saget

    Anyone that cuts themselves a loser. How does cutting up your own flesh after not feeling good about yourself make anything better? Its the most retarded thing ever.

  2. The Donger

    I think we should all chip in and buy her a nice new sharp set of cutlery….just sayin

  3. Dre

    Next time, use a razor blade and do us all a favor.


    Looks like her cat doesn’t care for her much.

    I haven’t jerked off yet today because I was up half the night after drinking a pot of coffee at 11PM. I thought it was decaf but those damn mexicans at the corner grocery store must be switching the beans around again. I ought to go down there and knock those little fuckers around for doing this to me. Now my sleep and masturbation schedule is going to be off for the next few days.



    • Soley

      Loser. Get a real life, jackoff. Love it how dipshits like you say crap ONLINE but would probably piss themselves before saying anything in real life. Pricelessly pathetic.

  5. HeyHey

    She’s even more pathetic than Spencer & Hooters.

    “Yep, today I’m a cutter one step away from suicide. What’s that? A famous gay woman died? Um, she was my secret lover and I’m carrying her baby that will mysteriously have a miscarriage next week. The week after that, I plan to have multiple personality disorder — 5 of them! The week after that I’ll say I’m Elvis reincarnated… and so on, and so on… LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!!”

  6. ally

    Maybe she has a playful cat…

  7. Eric

    Strangers who cut themselves don’t affect me at all except for the bulge in my pants.

  8. mafme

    Just like so much else about this woman, those cuts are fake. Ohhh they might be scrapes, but look at how they zigzag. It looks like she might have done that with a ballpoint pen or a stick and just scratched herself up good. she didn’t do this with a blade.

  9. Lolocaust

    One more inch and the necropheliac with a fetish for yellow plastic is gonna have the night of his life.

  10. K.

    K. She wouldn’t cut that close to her tattoo.

  11. hiya

    You re all miserable no life fat ugly jerks… Do you feel better about yourself insulting this poor disturbed woman that, unfortunately for you, medias kind of care about what she does, unlike you…. Losers !

    What tila is doing to herself is a “Cry for help”….. She really needs someone to take care of her, before it s too late, despite the fact that she got famous for acting like a slut, to you, you prude fat ass losers, she s a human being, just like you and me and you shouldn t be so judgemental what goes around, comes around ! if you mock someone in despair slut or angel, GOD will punish you one day or another ! … Also, if you hate her so much, why are you writing terrible coments about her, spending so much precious time of your precious fulfilling life !!! Aren t you suppose to hate her ? LOL…. Get a life haters !

  12. luna

    Anyone else notice that she is basically aiming these scars at the cameras? People who ACTUALLY cut themselves go to great lengths to hide it. She is a twit.

  13. put down the sharpie, you could poke someones eye out

  14. Nat

    This is not a cut, just scratches.

  15. Kate

    Who knows whether she did this to get media attention or if she really is hurting enough to resort to this. Either way, don’t you think she’s pretty disturbed? If her last resort to get attention is self-mutilation, don’t you think she actually does need help and not a bunch of people who don’t even know her bashing on her? I’m not a Tila fan but if she really did this just to get attention, there’s still something wrong with her and she should seek help.

  16. me

    fuckinnnn grose that modafoca bitchhhhh… i totally hate herrr!!

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