1. leah

    in some pictures, it really looks like marker.
    i don’t even know what to think about this. cutting is serious…and she’s using this as a publicity stunt. someone…please…put a shock collar on this bitch and cage her up!

  2. meh

    assuming she couldn’t talk, and I didn’t ever have to see her again, I would probably still nail shit out of her and her perky fake midget boobs.

  3. Observer

    Bah, what an attention whore! Those are maroon colored marker lines…. she is pathetic…

  4. Yea, definitely just scratches at the least. Yeepers…I can’t believe she is faking that.


    i 1st noticed it on her new twitter pic, but now that see it clearer, it looks like she got into a cat fight ??? butt those arent cut marks dumbshits , and a that is a serious problem to prmote in public she should cover i up at the least…

  6. supersonic

    I thought those were track lines. hello druggie…

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