1. BaBaBa

    Is it weird that I find the bandaid super cute? It would be better with like, Sailor Moon, or little carebears on it :)

  2. I’d never noticed just how BIG her head is (compared to the rest of her) until seeing these pictures. She’s like a BRATZ doll.

    Is that the look she’s going for?

    Seriously, what a fuggin HAG. I’m horny ALL the time, but even I wouldn’t fuck her.


  3. What is her talent again?

  4. Sigh

    BaBaBa – Not weird at all. Strangely, this is the hottest picture of her I’ve ever seen. Had I not known sooo much about her before this I’d totally wreck that (but clearly many, many men – and some juggalos – beat me to it).

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