1. “It’s sad to think she may have some permanent brain damage”

    Um…no it’s not.

  2. hollyhood

    okay, little lesson in medicine – you can’t suffer from a “brain aneurysm”, that’s just a swelling/out-pouching of a cerebral vessel (usually arterial), that by itself, is asymptomatic until it does one of two things:
    1. compresses a vital structure
    2. ruptures, causing intracranial hemorrhage +/- ischemia
    if either of those two things happened, she would most likely have had a significant motor/sensory deficit that would likely have some degree of permanence. of course, tila being an attention-whore who probably only read the first three lines of the “brane anoorizm” wiki wouldn’t know that.
    please go die in a fire, you filthy skank.

  3. free wifi

    Lesson in wikipedia you mean

  4. NOI

    Why she looks so dirty all the time
    Hair greasy is instant gross

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