1. Me

    This? Really? Perfectly good Renee Olstead leaked photos out there and you post this?

  2. oliver laurel

    Uglier than a basket of stomach flu laundry. I like the Herpes simplex 2 on the lips, classy.

  3. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    She looks like the kind of “lady” that gives herself a dirty sanchez.

  4. Jade

    She can’t smile properly because Meth left her without teeth

  5. Lita

    It’s ’cause a meth head won’t care what he sticks his dick into while he’s paying the bills.

  6. Dino Spumoni

    Send this foul beast into the abyss! Please?

  7. Meh

    Is she a meth addict?

  8. Steve

    Jesus H Christ in a Chicken Basket, what’s that? Always hated Tiger Woods! He was arrogant when he was 10 years old!! A total Narcissistic creep!!

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