1. PtC

    “Me In My Place”? I don’t get it. None of these shots are in the kitchen.

  2. I would love to be in her place.

  3. Rog W

    Still my all-time favorite. I’d like to bend her over the arm of that sofa in the last photo.

  4. YourGodBowsToMe

    Why does her place look like a cheap hotel?

  5. She is one of the all time hottest women in Hollywood. I watched “Saved By The Bell” for her alone.

  6. Earth2murf

    on my face

  7. I would pound her till she was younger and relevant again.

  8. charliewalker

    Emma watson photographs show she is a warm & very sexual woman.

  9. DRG

    I must say I’m surprised at how good she looks. Well done

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