1. slappy magoo

    With all the impromptu song and dance numbers, the thing I find hardest to believe about the show is that, apparently in this school, Lea Michele is the one nobody wants to eff except other guys in glee club.

  2. absinthe

    they’re not trying hard at all…

  3. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Lea Michele loves to wear the little panties. That’s fine by me!

  4. yep

    Seriously, that little brunette, why the hell wouldn’t the school be lined up trying to get some?

  5. Me

    Lea Michelle is beautiful, it is only her character that is ugly. They make her look as ugly as possible in the show, but she is indeed a beauty, great body and bigger boobs than Diana (who is also beautiful).

  6. You're Superficial

    Lea Michele *Drool*

    She is so fucking hot.
    her character really isn’t even that ugly she’s just annoying as shit : )

  7. These bitches should run for Congress.

  8. cc

    Having a hand on each of their asses concurrently would be pretty fuckin’ awesome. Nothing like a firm, toned ass.

  9. sakuraness

    What? No slutty pictures of the guy? The photographer is so sexist.

  10. hipsterarooz

    so yes. they’re wearing sexy clothes. in a men’s magazine. and they’re not showing nipple. what is the issue here? they look hot, and quite honestly, i see the same stuff plastered on a billboard ad for american apparel every day. i don’t get what all the uproar is about.

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