1. yeah

    She looks like a ten year old boy with breast implants…

  2. Kloss

    What do you people think a 10yr old boy looks like? And more importantly, why are you looking at 10yr old boys? She has a flat out hot body, anyone who doesn’t think so must be a fatty

  3. She has a hot body for sure but the face she’s making is a little…iffy?

    • She’s not “making” it, that’s just her face. The lollipop picture was the first one I’ve seen where her face has seemed somewhat appealing. So, if she’s just go around always seeming as though she’s about to give herself the bulimia with a cherry Blow-Pop, all would be well.

  4. SIN

    Face? that body has a face? Haven’t gotten up that far.

  5. Eric

    My penis is filled with Glee.

  6. Eric

    My penis is filled with Glee

  7. teya

    she fotgot her hips in somewhere

  8. She’s so stupid, she doesn’t even know how to take her shirt off.

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