1. Cock Dr

    GQ wouldn’t be pandering to pedophiles at all with this photoshoot….would they?

  2. Dayum!

    Looks like I’m going to start watching GLEE…

  3. Jizz

    I’d tap that.

  4. Simeon

    I’d Ben Roth that!

  5. Rush

    it moved; am i in some kind of trouble?

  6. Tony Y

    Relax. She’s 24. It’s cool to rub one out to this picture.

    • LEB

      She may be 24, but she’s representing a teenager. So go ahead and rub one out… if you typically do that while thinking of minors.

      • Kelsey

        Pretty sure the sexy school girl look is nothing new. These kids are beyond old enough. Rub it out as much as you want. Parents shouldn’t let their 8 year olds read GQ.

  7. RP1979


  8. Ned

    Gorgeous! If she had a glass eye, I would lovingly remove it, undo my belt, whip it out, and make sweet love to her skull.

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