1. Deacon Jones

    (in lispy voice)

    “Damn it, she said the frappucinos were right over here!”

  2. mayd


  3. Grew the facial hair to distract people from noticing he dresses like a little girl.

  4. cubegleamer

    This is how rich and famous looks?

  5. flatspottin'

    Big Country Reeves!!

  6. mbcl

    it’s a concentration camp for douches.

  7. jaqy

    yep!! If I walk like this, no one will think I’m gay… just like this. *whistles*

  8. Michelle

    What’s up with the mouth breather behind him?

  9. Mos

    I like his hat.

  10. ChickenHawk

    Looks like a remake of “My Bodyguard.”

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