1. Cock Dr

    Those moobs look so fine they must be fakers.

  2. hijkmno

    now THIS guy? puts that fem skarsgard to shame.

    • ACS999

      you have an exclusive taste :) he looks like he can handle both of us at once. I want to explore every crevice of his body with my tongue. yammy

  3. Insider

    There’s something I’d like to rub across that washboard– my beaver.

  4. Sweet mother of mercy … the things I would do to that man. Or better yet, what I would let him to do me.

  5. Crissy

    Ok, crazy face, get with the rest of the program…

  6. Jasshole

    Why does that seemingly black man in the right of the picture have white legs?!?

  7. Pepper's Pot

    well hello there…. mmmmmmm so so so yummy

  8. Not Blake Lively

    His blonde friend looks a little too much like Blake Lively. Anyone else see that?

  9. Sammy

    He was sexiest in spiderman! mmmm though now that he goes tanning at the salon he looks prettier sometimes.

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