1. J

    I definitly thought twice when going to click “view full size”

  2. banan

    “Orcas are usually nice and smart. Samantha Slopes is stupid and nasty”

  3. Colin

    Next, on an all new Whale Wars…

  4. still hit it

    i dont think she kicked her…just tripped over the rolls dragging on the floor

  5. Horndog

    Okay people,let’s state the extremely obvious here.She is very overweight.But can we have a little kindness and compassion for another human being?I actually think she has a really cute face.

  6. Trent Steel

    So, out of curiosity, I went to her website.

    *burns eyes out with antibacterial nuclear boiling lava acid*

    Ahhh, much better.

  7. Horndog

    No Sadface,I’m just saying you don’t have to be a jackass toward someone just because they are overweight.Would you like people calling you names and making fun of your flaws.That’s all I am saying.

  8. Alex

    I’m studying ancient art and the 1st forms of female beauty looked just like her. Google The Venus of Willendorf. So maybe it’s somewhere in every man’s psyche to be attracted to such a large woman.

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