1. blasted1

    Yeah, she’s pretty grim. She was not one of those women who “age gracefully.” She’s always looked a lot like a bargain basement version of Kate Moss. I’ve seen mugshots of people who look like this, but they were all meth-heads.

  2. lol

    Let’s see your picture, cupcake.

  3. Nik

    That looks like one of the gosh darn tweaker hookers down on 4th street!

  4. coolio

    At least she has class and keeps a low profile(mediawise) and remember Johnny is not like Clooney who wants to bang everything that moves……he is a pretty shy guy , humble, modest….and it seems faithfull……theese two are the exact opposite of Brad& Angelina….

  5. moi

    dude its like the same 2 pics just at dif.distances.. I’m sure everyone has horrible pictures of themselves somewhere.. dont be so shallow.. on that note johhny depp is a sexy man beast

  6. jonahjones

    Uh, she’s a icon in Europe, has been a huge star since age of 14 as a singer and actor. She’s done huge modeling gigs including some of Chanel’s biggest campaigns. Her gap in her teeth is her trademark, and she’s stunning, but not in the standard Pamela Anderson, U.S.A. kind of way. Her look is, and always has been, kind of extreme. She is a marvelous talent and beauty, and this is clearly a bad picture, but it looks like she’s cutting a film so this may have something to do with it.

  7. pooter

    yeah its that chick from CSI (LV), leave her alone people

  8. kimmy

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  9. kimmy

    God create all of us!

  10. surlepont

    Come on fish, this is below you. She’s in costume. She’s obviously an incredibly hot talented model-worthy woman… http://www.israbox.com/1146314283-vanessa-paradis-discography-1988-2007.html

    Haven’t you ever seen Girl on the Bridge?

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