1. Jenna

    Johnny have my children he will hmm?

  2. Sunshine Credit

    I take it that the Koko Club is all about the cocaine.

    What a way to get repeat business, get them addicted to a drug.

    It must be a communist bar because capitalists don’t kill their customers.

  3. ava

    I think she is hideous, I hope he leaves her and gets back with
    WINOna forever….

  4. ddgirl

    PLEASE………would all of you extremely narcissistic, stupid, woman get a life and stop putting down other woman who you are obviously soooo jealous of that all you can do is talk SH – T about and pick her apart as though she was not a human being! None of you were able to grab Johnny’s attention, let alone have two beautiful children with. Vanessa, you are beautiful, talented, a great person, and a wonderful, loving, dedicated mother. You are just as beautiful now as you were when you were younger! We all age and age does not make a person less desirable. I bet Johnny will never love another woman as much as he loves her. I guarantee, Johnny and her did not break up due to her getting older nor because he doesn’t find her sexy, attractive or desirable….he will love her, the mother of his children, with all his heart for the rest of his life and most likely will always find her sexy, attractive, and desirable. Vanessa has been the only woman in Johnny’s history who was able to steal his heart and take his breath away, not only once but two other times through blissful, real to the core of his being, heart-pounding true love!

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