1. Anon

    Five lines ok coke per chin.

  2. Venom

    Shit, where did I put my morning after pill?

  3. Sweetpea

    How much fun it must have been to watch her be escorted out of the venue
    wonder where Dina was?

  4. Nate

    For the past couple of months she has been really fucked up. More so then every before. My guess… it’s for the same reasons as before forced relationship with a dude. Men make this girl want to kill herself or do a line or twenty.

    • bobthebuilder3000

      “Men make this girl want to kill herself or do a line or twenty.”

      I think you have it backwards – she doesn’t care about her life, which is what makes her hang around men like this in the first place. They don’t make her want to die – she’s already that way when she gets to them.

      I don’t doubt she has serious issues, but she needs to go somewhere outside this fashion/Hollywood crowd and get her life together.

  5. Mimi

    shes not going to live long……thats all i have to say….

  6. gooniegoogoo

    Further proof that Hot girls will do ANYTHING for cocaine.

  7. Sandy

    Ooh, it’s getting serious now. I’m not sure this is fun to watch anymore.

  8. CtP

    It is SO much fun to watch, almost giddy knowing the end is surely near!

  9. M*

    I love her, although it looks like the bulimia is definitely doing a number on her face chub.

  10. spartacus

    So incredibly fat, she needs to take a lesson from Ali Lohan, who’s really got her shit together

  11. Tim

    I’ll bang the coke-induced stupor right out of her vajayjay, and blow it all over her chesticles.
    that’s what she was born for.

  12. GeT iT 2geThEr

    Lindsay come back!! That adorable redhead grew up to be one of the most hottest redheads I’d ever seen, and now she turned herself into a nonstop partying blonde bimbo!? Who else saw that one coming?? I sure as hell didn’t. Honestly! I’m sure it’s easier said than done, but she’s got the potential, beauty, and surely enough money to get her act together. So why?! Why does she choose this self-destructing path?? People have lost hope for her now, and it’s like she’s giving into all of it and not trying at all to defend her integrity. Poor Lindsay. I feel bad for her…I hope she get’s a serious reality check and soon. But if going to jail won’t do the job, then what will?!

    • ji,,my

      Cause if most of us have been through what she has been and had her money we know damn well we would too so shut up

      • GeT iT 2geThEr

        Shut up bitch! Was I talkin to you?! No. Absolutely no reason for you to even respond to my post except to be a weak ass fucknut with obviously nothing else to do. GTFO bitch

  13. HollywoodOutsider

    “Where did I put my career?”

  14. Shubham

    Paige -Your printables are so adbalore. I really want to learn how to make them. Is it hard? Is there somewhere you can tell me to go to learn how to do it or can you tell me? Thanks for making such cute stuff.Erin

  15. Sprmcandy

    Wonder how worn out her pussy must be.

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