1. Dan's friend

    He’s so ugly.. I HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!!

  2. Chris Brown

    I’d beat a bitch that snorted my coke and didn’t make MR. Happy spit !

  3. Fiona

    Apparently the list of Things Lindsay Will Orally Service For Blow and/or Party Gifts has extended to the non-humans as well.

  4. po man

    I still really want to bang her

  5. Morganharmony

    She doesnt deserve the life she has available to her shes a bitch

  6. Nicole

    another “celebrity” that will succumb to the “hollywood curse of the 27″.

  7. Jim Bob

    If she smoked my pole, I’d take her to the stupid party.

  8. Whocares?

    shut the blind stupid….c’mon…. u snort all u want, but not 4 the paparazzis!

  9. seriously

    None of this looks that bad. What over active imaginations you have. She looks like she’s getting an eyelash curler out of her bag. They don’t look like they are having sex or doing blow. They look like they are getting ready to go somewhere.

  10. imabrat

    What a hag.

  11. louie

    I never liked her, I never thought she had any talent and I have never felt sorry for her. You are who you are and this is who she is

  12. Moe

    I would have never guessed she would be nailing some dirty mexican for drugs. It’s ironic that she did that Marilyn shoot for Playboy, she’s gonna end up just like her.

    • moesucks

      Vikram who owns a hotel and is a multimillionaire a dirty mexican!? You probably couldnt get a job cleaning sheets at his hotel lol.

  13. The Most Interesting

    The aftermath of the Difficult Brown: She’s counting the cash value of his deposit, while he’s trying to remember which doctor takes cash.

  14. Guest of Guests

    they don’t seem be to having sex in any of the pictures, the worst was it looked like he kissed her in one of the pictures

    people, please be fair

  15. She is like a drug addict, and very fat. I am concerned about her health

    • stefanie

      Nobody would give a shit if she died. Maybe the very small..very very very very very very small amount of people that gave a shit about this crack whore. Eww. Disgusting, fat and UGLY.

  16. j

    the riches man is a mexican so probably owns your ass you just dont know it racis biatch.

  17. Balgus

    you noobs he is an indian and how much ever of a bitch she is she would never give herself to him

  18. Isn’t that guy her Probation Officer?Looks like he is making her do the looong forms.

  19. stefanie

    Oh that crackhead..I mean, crack WHORE is still getting movie roles? I wouldn’t pay to watch any movie that Lindsay Lohan is in. I think she’s disgusting piece of garbage. I hope she dies off soon. Just do us all a favor and kill yourself already.

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