1. Cock of the..

    Is that a straw?

    • Cock Dr

      It’s either a straw or a cancer stick.
      Since a cancer stick would be raised repeatly to the face and we don’t see it in any of these other photos I’m going with straw.
      I would feel bad for her, being born a Lohan and all, but she’s had too many chances.

  2. ash

    I think its a pen. It looks like she is writing her crack thoughts down. Fat rich bastards are usually better at keeping their blow snorting crackwhores away from the windows.

  3. V

    that’s a coke straw for sure.

    god, she’s such a fucking hooker.

  4. Noel


  5. Big_Mike

    Looks like a pen with the cap on the end taken out. Don’t think you’d hold a cigarette this way, and if she’s using a pen to write with, she’d probably have it in her right hand, which is the hand she writes. So yeah, coke: 1 Lindsay: 0

  6. whatthehuh?

    i would have gone with a joint but coke straw just makes more sense with lilo in the pic

  7. “I’m going to the lobby. Can I get you anything?”
    “Uh yeah… Coke please.”

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