1. Derp

    Oh “mon”, this will go over well for her.

  2. FruitLoop

    Jeez, what the fuck is going on in this picture?!

    She put on a seaweed wig and then jail baited Swamp-Thing into some nasty sex. After sucking him off and getting a mud-jizz facial she ripped his dick off and kept going!!?

  3. LSD is a hell of a drug.

  4. Anthony

    At least now we can see how she got the job.

  5. Paco Von Vipersteel

    She does a mean Lisa Bonet impresonation.

  6. TomFrank

    “So, the train will be pulling into Philadelphia soon. Will you be getting off at the City of Brotherly Love, Mr. Beeks?”

  7. Ah, yes! Caught by the old ‘sploding cigar trick.

  8. decalex

    two questions:
    1. where is the other girl
    2. where is the cup?

  9. I’ve heard of going vegan, but this is ridiculous.

  10. she put anything in her mouth

  11. The things this girl will do to keep a putz like Brad (the) Pitt happy…it’s boggles the mind. WHAT THE FUCK is she doing, trying out his new blend for a hair treatment? If so, what’s up with the thing in her MOUTH??? SHEESH!

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