1. sexyman48

    A moron making a duckface and taking their own picture, man they must have searched facebook for tens of seconds to find her.

  2. Colin

    Yeah, no one who makes a duckface is qualified to do any job but “assistant” or “intern” of the sexually harassable variety.

    • impyc

      hahahah exactly…..i been callin everyone out on those damn ducklips. Ducklips and chunkin the deuce ugh….i almost feel sorry for Brad, this is…bad

  3. eatme

    …attention all girls, duckface is NOT appealing. Do not do it unless you are actually a duck, else we will just assume that you are a duck.

  4. Anthony

    I feel the need to throw bread at her.

  5. Portia

    “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me..”

  6. Michael

    This is her, kissing off her ass that is about to go above her head…

  7. Michael

    “This tag is not to be removed by penalty of law…”
    I mean c’mon, at least tuck the little guy in.

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