1. hi-yo.. shweeeet!! :D

  2. wtf

    why would she post this on myspace? trashy, first of all, but also completely unflattering!!!

  3. Ditty

    Dude, she’s like 14? He would know better than to tap some dork in Grandma panties.

  4. Honkey

    This is exactly why I love The Superficial: investigative reporting at it’s best!

  5. Cakeflourz

    0.o this seriously looks like my kitchen. If it wasn’t for that little bit of countertop sticking out closest to the camera, I’d say it was taken in my condo devlopment….

  6. beany

    she got a nice little turdcutter.

  7. J.R.

    Hey! Wash the frickin’ dishes, will ya?! JUST what we wanna see.

  8. ziken

    would employ/10

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