1. Honkey

    Damn you, Brad Pitt…

  2. Is it OK that I find her less hot because she uses MySpace?

  3. Definitely more doable than Angie.

    • curiosity

      Maybe that’s why she’s his ass…istant? And Angelina is getting thinner and thinner… Sometimes I wonder if she’s truly happy. She sometimes smiles only with her lips while eyes showing nothing. :/

  4. skeelosta

    I wonder how many times, brad tapped that?

  5. anthonyOA

    “I’m gonna need you on my desk by Monday…

    …who’s Freudian?”

  6. TaT

    She looks like skeletor…………seriously. I’m not hating, I will admit when I see a beautiful girl, she’s not, at least not to me, I think she’s ugly and she looks dirty.

  7. NC

    She has always loooked dirty to me too.

  8. hangouri badal

    bonjour ├ža va

  9. RicardiCabeza

    No way he’s not hitting that.

  10. prissy

    she must ugly betty for the office. i can’t see his demonic girl friend allowing it

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  12. I am Blessed 796

    Cut the girl some slack, can you imagine all the crap she has to put up with and keep quiet about…

  13. mark

    I’m sure she was the most qualified person for the job.


  14. Master Skywalker

    SHe’s hot and maybe, just maybe, Pitt’s fucking her. I would too. So what? Most people do things just because they can or because they’re bored. For Brad must be a powerful combination between the two. Bored with Angelina’s crap, and taking advantage of what he can.

  15. Ghew Beubew

    Of course he’s fucking her – what else would be the point of her walking around in her underwear? His time with Angie is limited.

    BTW, isn’t she the girl who used to be in the “LonelyGirl” videos on YouTube?!!?

  16. koolcat

    this blogging shit is for people who have nothing better to do an like to hear the.m selves talk…..
    my suggestion is to get a life !!!!

  17. koolcat

    this is bullshit

  18. Perhaps they hit it as a couple.. I could see that..

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