1. Coyote

    I don’t get it, she is so nothing, nada, zilch

  2. noyb

    That’s just gross… sure she’s got the fake boobs but she looks like she’s starved herself so much her body forgot it was supposed to be female.

  3. sprezzatura

    100% guarantee this girl is a bitch in real life. Oh wait, we already know that from her interviews. Girl needs to eat a damn sandwich.

  4. bethy

    I get that “bitch” impression too….it might have something to do with blood sugar levels. EAT!

  5. marcy

    this is supposed to be sexy and have hips too, making u think about if she’s wearing a thong like Rebecca Romjin on her Mystique Role

  6. jerrry

    You dont think she is smokin? You females are cat’n (meow)

  7. Bryan

    Saggy panties make sad panda sad…

  8. tim

    she is HOT!
    But that lingerie isnt very flattering

  9. JD

    Too skinny, no curves, average face.

  10. josh


  11. Uncle Jemima

    “Why does no one take me seriously? I’m a super hero!”

  12. Melrose

    Skinny Bo Peep

  13. Jerky McPumpoff

    talk about the direct opposite of Christina Hendricks. Fun, Sexy, Curvy, Ginormous Boobs versus Skinny, Upset, Sexless. January Jones needs a different kind of role ASAP or else she’ll only ever play the annoying cunt ex-wife.

  14. Get that bitch a sandwich!

  15. JEGUE


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