1. lauryn

    stretched ears AND acrylic french nails? her style cant decide it just has to follow EVERY trend.

  2. Mike

    I was going to say something snarky, but then I did some research and found out this piece of trash is 19 (I didn’t know, I don’t watch the show). Now I just want to shit on her. Literally. At 19 my mother had a young baby (me) and was in college. Of course, she had married my father BEFORE GETTING PREGNANT. BECAUSE SHE MAY HAVE BEEN POOR AND WHITE, BUT SHE WASN’T GODDAMN TRASH!

    It’s those damn earlobes. Brings out the hate in me.

  3. Whorelover

    Skankalicious! She is damaged, trashy and covered with ghetto tats. You know she will lick your taint in bed.

  4. Piranha

    Its not just the earlobes, but the nasty belly button ring. Is it 1995 again? Maybe this is a poster for What Not to Wear, or pierce, or tattoo.

  5. That tattoo makes absolutely no sense. Its like she took a sticker out of a child’s sticker book and gave it to the tattoo artist. “Please draw a star with tiger stripes on my belly” Seriously, tattooing Lady Gaga’s face in the same spot would have made more sense.

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