1. Victoria

    Looks like she should’ve put the money into some boobs instead of tattoos.

  2. angela

    not everyone needs fake boobs!! hopefully she is putting the money away for school or her child

  3. Leah

    Um she needs some big tits or something. She just looks weird!

  4. Josh

    no she does not need fake boobs (plastic bags of silicone ae not real boobs people) she looks good and cute with her smaller boobs, i really hope she does not go the plastic route like maci or farrah, stay natural jenelle, you have cute NON SAGGY little boobs, they are cute, stay real!

  5. lulu82

    leave her small chest alone, i think she doesnt care what people think about her so why should you?

  6. she needs a boob job asap!!!!!

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