1. ihateemo

    Even Adrianne Palicki’s face seems to be saying, “Yeah, sorry guys. I know.”

  2. bahlder

    You have to go all the way with something like this or don’t even bother. I’ve seen some of the script for the first episode and it’s bad, real bad, as well. So if this lasts more than 2 episodes I will be unpleasantly surprised.

  3. Mark Twaint

    Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul. -Mark Twain

  4. The Ugly Truth


    First of all, that actress, whoever the fuck she is, was NOT a good choice for the role of wonder woman. She looks like a blonde pornstar in a wig. Second, that outfit looks like it was found in a cheap costume store for 20 dollars. Just pure and utter awfulness all round. Good God…

  5. Uncle Caw-yin

    WWE’s Chyna pursues her first post-wrestling,non-VH1 foray into television

  6. Hemjesti

    @Ugly Truth – you’re a baffoon – Adrianne Palicki is great. She has the stature and the brawn as well as the beauty to pull it off. Let me guess, you’d prefer ‘Angelina “I’m a skeleton” Jolie? GAG!!

    As for the costume – sure, i think that the shorts would’ve been better – but it’s funny – no one seems to cry and bitch or complain when they make Batman’s suit out of bullet proof rubber – when it was originally a cloth suit. Besides, we’ll just get to see’er run around in tight pants – when is thaaaaat a bad thing?!

    Lastly – this series will depend on production and story telling (aka the writers) if those fail – the show will fail – not b/c of the fkn pants she’s wearing.

  7. pooter

    as long as those cameltoes show through I’ll watch

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