1. chelsea

    i wonder if she’ll ever get that killer body back… she doesn’t seem as dedicated as she was pre-kids. but she is yawning… everyone looks like a fat cow when they yawn lol. and the clothing… well… could’ve been better…

  2. Beebaby

    Why does her hair ALWAYS look like that?!?! It perpetually looks somwhere between dreadlocks and rat’s nest. Jesus Christ! I can understand her being a little chunky, or not having the best clothing taste… but even women who don’t have money can somehow manage to find a hairbrush. Britney, you don’t need a stylist… just wash your hair… please!

  3. GIGI

    Poor Britney! Hollywood, and Fame has changed her. She is still Beautiful, but would look Gorgeous if she Dressed, and Acted more Womanly! They all start to Dress like that, and get Crazy! Why can’t her Parents help her? I know Britney is Generous, and has helped them, so now Parents,ime to step in again, she needs you, she obviously cannot do it herself right now! i feel sorry for these kids, and angry too ,because we never had the Priviledge, and Oppurtunities they have. We worked hard for every $. Get help before it is too late, the Boys need their Mom! GIGI

  4. Puddiin'Taine

    SHEESH!! She is just running out quick for a cup of coffee! What exactly SHOULD she be wearing to be completely acceptable to YOU? I think she looks insanely cute. But, remind me to stay away from your view when ” I ” am running out to Einstein Bros. quick in the morning. If this isn’t acceptable, my quick morning errand outfits are probably the end of the world. Why does she “NEED HELP”? haha. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day.


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