1. Slut Mary

    Which way are her nips pointing today?

  2. “Thunder Thighs, HO!”

  3. Momar

    LEAVE BRITNEY ALLLLLOOOOONE, YOU ARE LUCKY THAT SHE….having said that, I’d still do her, nice tits, thick thighs, good breeding hips…love me some Brit.

  4. Momar

    oh, and she can leave the socks on ;-)

  5. Lulu

    There are no words for this ‘outfit’ WTF!

  6. rickardo

    batshit craayyzaayy!

  7. Cock Dr

    The photographer is looking at her thighs & laughing, just like I am.
    Oh yeah, Britney’s really cleaned up these days!

  8. zoomzoom

    I’m usually one to stick up for Brit, but sometimes I can’t help wondering how she manages to look like such rubbish with all that money…

  9. OMG my wife is out at walmart with my 10 year old daughter buying this outfit. Got to keep ahead of the fashon trends and lady ga ga cant beat this!!

  10. Jack

    I still don’t see what people see in this white trash wierdo.

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