1. buttercup

    why is she making that face?

  2. Expert on Everything

    any video of this moment? that’d be awesome!

  3. SATAN

    why does this stupid mound of shit even get paps anymore?

  4. Lari

    OMG you didn’t realize why this is in the news? SHE IS WEARING A BRA!
    2012 is coming, everybody.

  5. Hannibal King

    She is Vigo, you are like the buzzing of flies to her.

  6. Hugh Gentry

    i don’t know….i’d still fuck this crazy cunt.

  7. Vito

    Here’s a disturbing visual:

    Your dream has come true and you’ve finally gotten Britney Spears into bed. Everything is going swimmingly and suddenly she starts breathing deeper and deeper. Then she says, “Omigod, I’m gonna cum.”

    As you look at her fondly you realize the faces in the first six pix are what she looks like having an orgasm that registers on the Richter Scale. Then you realize maybe she’s not having an orgasm afterall. Maybe she’s taking a dump!

  8. Poor brit brit

    Britney is a childish exhibitionist mentally unstable woman… is totally normal, when you re famous worlwide since you re 17 and the only thing your parents wanted from you is to sell your body to the whole planet in order to get “rich and famous” , but hey, teenage years are gone and is time to move on !! … I hope someday she ll get the peace of mind she needs to put her life togheter, be a mother to her children, be a mentally stable woman it is very sad to mock someone that is clearly mentally ill…

    Just a little advice, Britney, if you dont like the paparazzi following you around, why don t you wear a burqa?? or send your body guards to get you your coffee ?? or dress a little less like a horny teenager and more like a decent 29 years old woman that you are… yes, don t forget you re no longer a teenager, you re a mother for christ sake, put yourself togheter soon, because not only you will damage yourself forever, you ll damage your children too !!!!!! No child loves a mentally unstable slut mother !!!!!!!

  9. Rhatik Darkio

    insert a ultimate warrior joke on those pics

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