1. Kelley

    I’m still having trouble believing that her rack is real, like she says it is … there would be no gap between them, you can see the outlines and they wouldn’t be that shiny, but hell, Kim Kardashain says hers is real too :|

    • Delmont

      It’s real because she is so small. She’s TINY! She’s a small Ccup on the red carpet and then she stuffs onstage. She almost no tits in that ugly yellow thing.

    • hmm

      from a girl -

      they’re real. No cantaloupe effect. Real looking droop but surprisingly perky for natural breasts.

      And shiny boobs have nothing to do with surgery – try lotion.

  2. Real Deal


  3. Guest

    Is it just me who thinks that big breasted women (real, natural breasts) always
    look kind of bigger than they really are?! Katy Perry is tiiiiiiny, but I don’t know,
    she’s got to be extra tiny to look the same as everybody else because her
    breast are so big … does that make sense? Am I crazy?

  4. aaa

    i love her armpit. delicious

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