1. Anthony

    I’ll take ONE chick with a body like this over a thousand of those size zero anorexic clones we’re SUPPOSED to like.

  2. AnnaDraconida

    Now those are sexy curves. Not too big, not too small. Perfect.

  3. Lucas California

    Could have been pretty hot in my book. Except for the hair (or) loss of. Not to mention the fact that if she is bangin’ reggie bush he’s probably a blck dude. No wonder kardashian and her are in same company. Superficial tramps.

    • Becs

      This girl is biracial, so what does it matter. Her mom is Black, she can get with all the Black guys she wants.

      Kim is a whore, not for being with Black guys, but because she is a whore who gets passed from Black guy to Black guy. yuck

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