1. The Ugly Truth

    I would be more fitting if that microphone should be a horse’s cock. And I’ll definitely be buying this as a joke for my friend’s birthday next month.

    This must break Billy Ray’s achy-breaky heart. THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR WHORING OUT YOUR KIDS TO DISNEY MORON.

  2. Rather Dashing

    “She’ll Speak Into YOUR Mic!”

    Surprisingly good innuendo for a line translated from English to Chinese and back again, or the newest Asian sex fetish? You be the judge!

  3. I was so distracted by her attempting to get “YOUR Mic” in achey love hole #1, I nearly overlooked the smaller shot of her cramming it into achey love hole #2.

  4. Matt

    Notice they never show the doll? I’m convinced they all look exactly like the classic sex doll you see on T.V. except for maybe a tacky cowboy hat and brunette wig.

  5. zertistar

    ew ew ew…take an older one, pedos! even though she’s 18 xDD

  6. Sassy

    Looking at the other pics of Miley.. If you really took a look, this doesn’t even look like her. The eyes and smile are totally different from Miley.

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