1. I’m a little tea-pot short and stout. Here is my ovary.

  2. see this folks: this is my money maker. okay so it’s covered in a diaper. but it’s my money maker

  3. justsayin

    must not forget the tv dinner rule… what it looks like on the outside of the box, will never… ever… represent what is really inside the box… (insert pun joke here)

  4. For those who need more detailed directions to Achey Love Hole #2.

  5. Dick

    My gramms has those same knickers.

  6. Lisa

    This is a travesty. What is wrong with you people? No matter how misguided, Miley is a CHILD! This is DISGUSTING!!!

    • chuck

      Uh, sorry but no. She is legally an adult. Yes, she is misguided. Yes, making money off of someone else’s likeness is a nasty business. And yes, the idea is creepy. But she is an adult now and has been sexualizing her own image for the last couple of years, so she has no leg to stand on with the “damaging her image” arguement.

    • dapoppy

      get a grip. Shes just telling the truth. That’s her money spot.

  7. Joe Mahma

    Act like a slut. Dress like a slut. Get treated like a slut. Oh well.

  8. oh my

    Wow, Miley, are you that desperate for attention? somebody get this kid to a therapist, stat!

    • kendrachanae

      Okay thank you…she’ll be n rehab by the age of twenty-one

    • your dumb

      if you belive for one second that she had anything to do with marketing this sex doll, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…

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