1. thirst

    I’m confused. What does the doll actually look like? These are just pics of the box and whats-her-face. I was to see a real version with it’s sexy, soulless eyes

  2. The Ugly Truth

    This must break Billy Ray’s poor little achy-breaky heart. THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR WHORING OUT YOUR KIDS TO DISNEY MORON.

  3. fapappy

    wait, I thought she already was a sex doll..

  4. Atleast when you open the package you can be sure you are the only one to use it.

  5. Lita

    Look, Daddy! I’m a whore just like you always wanted!

  6. Ash Bones

    Printing this picture out right now for later use.

  7. Melrose

    Miley looks like an Oregon stripper now.

  8. oliver laurel

    Miley at 17…”You pervos!”
    Miley at 18……”Oh yea I’d Hit that stuff!”

  9. Melissa

    I’m not even a very religious person but she is wearing a religious cross on her necklace! Hannah Montana=whore/jail bait

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