1. blt

    She looks like Winona Rider

  2. LOL

    And that’s photoshopped… sorry Ali, your sister is still orders of magnitude hotter, even after all the booze, coke and cigs.

  3. brit

    The problems with Ali are she’s not good looking from any angle, unlike her sister, she has no acting skills, unlike her sister and she’s tainted by her druggy sister and wacky parental units. And yes, the bolt-on tits look awful, she’s too chinny and she doesn’t exude the slightest bit of sex.

  4. Ooh Dear....

    What an unfortunate face.

    There are millions of more attractive girls than her in the world, many of whom would kill to model.

    One of them should be given a chance, instead of her living off of Lyndsay’s fame.

  5. Megan

    Shes beautiful, but… sadly she’s only known because of her sister. No one would care to even look at these if she wasn’t.

    It’s too bad, because these are great shots, but.. I prefer a not SO photoshopped look – it’s far too airbrushed for my liking. Airbrushing and photoshopping is great technology and I use it after photoshoots all the time – but the point of it is to TOUCH UP little things, not completely destroy the photo or the subject… it’s not supposed to look this fake.

  6. the only opinion that matters

    Megan, you need an eye test. She is FAR from beautiful. Shes a three dressed up and photoshopped to a six. Poor thing…if her family is waiting for her to earn the big bucks they may be waiting a long time. How about getting an education then a j o b?

  7. Dank

    I had a feeling she’d get semi-hot

  8. Plobes

    Those awful, tacky sausage curls are NOT helping

    STOP SAUSAGE CURLS AND RINGLETS and other affectations of the retarded form of “entertainment” that is burlesque!!

  9. Cardinal Fang

    Nice legs if they haven’t been smoothed and trimmed with Photoshop.

  10. die cunt

    God dammit the world can not survive another lohan. Jesus christ her face is photoshopped beyond belief.

  11. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Gangly, awkward and fug, with a single expression.
    Gross. Go away now, Ali, you have no talent, you aren’t pretty or interesting or smart, you have nothing to offer.

  12. RtSS

    In some states, she’s “legal”, I do her in all three of her hot wet moist holes in those states. In other states, she is jailbait. I’d only talk to her, and ask her if she liked to travel to certain states in those states. Ali give me a call, we can talk about travelling.

  13. mike

    again ali you are beautiful they are wrong about you they judge you by what your sister has done both good and bad so you lose most of the time,you are gorgeous ali i love you i love you i love you i love you i’m in love with you.

  14. your mom

    Anyone else think she looks a little bit like tina fey/winona ryder?

  15. natalie

    I think she’s way better looking than her sister, she has classic looks, she just hasn’t fully grown into them. Lilo has a more generic look, and her nose and lip jobs do nothing for her. I know it s a matter of preference, but I feel ali is much more classically beautiful.

  16. Brooke

    I would never have guessed this was Ali. Has she gotten more plastic surgery? That is so sad. I think if she wants desperately in the industry, she should play it smart and be a model instead of an actress. Nobody will want to deal with another Lohan in the film/TV industry. I think she’s probably too similar to her sister though and is going to be a crackwhore by 18. Dina Lohan, best mom evar.

  17. AUB006

    She only photograph from the side. the front angle is not so good for her. she looks exactly like her dad :( poor thing

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