1. The Dude

    Wait, Wynona Ryder is Lindsey’s little sister?

  2. VichusSmith

    She’s not unattractive at all, but is she Lindsay’s sister? Maybe with the photo effects I don’t see it. I take Lindsay over her.

  3. Kevin

    Friggin ugly

  4. marina

    but.. shes even more unattractive – then her sister.

    kinda like rumor willis …thats her name right? the one with the squareish face?

  5. GP

    That must be some serious photoshopping because Ali’s face is busted.

  6. Annie

    I don’t think she’s nearly as bad-looking as people are saying. However, the photos are way too photoshopped and that’s some really bad posing with the hands. It looks like she borrowed too much money from Fingers.

  7. Courtney

    Nice photoshoot in your living room you stupid bitch. We can see the baseboard of your wall. Great job. Oh, and you look like a bad of mashed up assholes.

  8. mike

    heyyy ali forget these haters there not worth anything anyway, your gorgeous and beautiful, i bet you look way better than these haters do any day of the week, i love you.

  9. butterballer

    hey mike, i bet you are a 45yr old male who still lives at home

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