1. Juliana

    Damn! She is ugly as shit!

  2. Sunneith

    So, Heidi’s chin has a bastard sister.

  3. elijahdouche

    looking good. kinda got a wynona ryder thing going on.


    i think she looks good.

  5. guest

    Did Rumer Willis lose weight?

  6. Elroy

    Kids let this be a warning, laxatives stunt your growth!

  7. mike

    ali is gorgeous you people are hateing on her because of her sister, but i think ali is beautiful, so suck on that suckers, as a matter of fact ali looks better than her sister i love ali.

  8. Bekkah

    She’s a pretty girl, but she’s not like Lindsey (was). Sadly, most models are young. 15 to 19 is their peek age, after that they’re washed up.

    I gotta say, I love the black lacy suit. It’s sufficiently slutty enough for me to wear.

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