1. rober

    hot. illegal. pootietang.

  2. Natalie

    Well she’s not a fire-crotch.

  3. Ksurfiws

    It’s funny how you can’t tell she is crazy just by looking at her.
    But you KNOW she is Crazier than a Shithouse Rat – just like the rest of the Family

  4. aehrgiure

    She looks like Tina Fey.

  5. Dank

    i dont think she’s THAT ugly. I think she needs someone that knows what they hell they’re doing to reshape her eyebrows because she obviously doesnt know how so she goes with this evil look where she looks pissed off all the time.

  6. LM

    If people don’t think she’s already not doing massive lines of blow, they’re insane. That whole family is nothing but f*ck-ups.. a mere by-product of their mother and father.

  7. Jinxx

    way overly photoshopped..surprise. she’s nasty :(

  8. The Cynic

    Poor girl. She’s got that long Celine Dion face, doesn’t have the incredible rack her sister’s got, and has a fucked-up family to overcome on top of it. Good luck being normal in a few years.

  9. IKE

    Damn! She makes jail look appealing.

  10. Kelley

    Poor girl has unfortunate looks … and is about as sexy as a tub of cold margarine.

  11. sam

    No. No. No.

    I wonder if she or her parents ever considered any other career or future than hollywood. Just because one of your kids wins the lottery doesn’t mean you encourage the others to spend every dollar they have on tickets. And the odds of achieving the kind of success Lindsay had (then pissed away) are about the same as winning the lottery, even if you ARE talented and attractive, which this girl just is not.

    And remember when Lindsay was this age a huge part of her appeal was her freckles, big smile and not bone-thin body. She looked like a real girl. Not a blow-up doll.

  12. Ugh…I didn’t know that there was a demand for Celine Dion lookalikes. Pass on that.

  13. mike

    hey ali you need to smile you have a beautiful smile thats my one problem with these photos nobody gets to see your inner beauty, it maybe hard to smile but it shows if your cut out to be an actress, when you manage to smile or cry when you don’t feel that way the same with singing you search your soul for those feelings makes you a great actress or not, oh ali ilove you.

  14. mary

    She is actually very pretty. Looks like a regular sixteen year old trying to look like an adult (most kids these days pile on the make up). Does anyone else notice the cheap carpet in this shot? It looks like her Mom snapped a shot at home then photo shopped it.

  15. Kill'em with Roughness


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