1. GeorgeWBush

    Auhhh….can’t get rid of pink stars….site now censored?

  2. Just figured it out – click the FULL SIZE link at top left rather than pic itself like before. Oh – and you might not want to actually see these alien areolas.

    • barch54

      Thanks – it was driving me crazy. On the other hand I hate you because you allowed me to look at those mangled ballons…

  3. Richport's Ghost

    Nice mommy tummy, you vapid cunt. Don’t you understand, men will fuck anything with a hole. That doesn’t make you special, dumbass.

    • me


      damn, you are one fat, jealous hater, aren’t you , honey?

      Baby, don’t be sad and angry your whole life, go get laid, open that hole, have sum fun, baby!!


  4. huh

    the new photo galleries suck on the revamped site

  5. bb

    would bone
    this is much better quality work than KENDRA’s wigger ass

  6. Fuck these new photo galleries, Fish. I don’t want to hit a goddamn arrow 8 million times every time a new page loads, for fuck sake. Fix it please!

  7. Bob Thomas

    Wow, Mr. MaGoo’s nip in the first pic looks like the number 9! What an ugly skank.

  8. Michael G.

    just click on View full size and the stars will be gone…or like a german saying “wer lesen kann ist klar im vorteil” (those who can read having the advantage….or something like that)

  9. jon

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh, put the stars back

  10. fornarina


  11. okay, I hope these critiques are helpful:
    1) I believe readers would like only one thread per post instead of one thread per picture

    2) picture browsing format was better before (this arrow clicking thing isn’t working)

    3) The new speed is nice!

  12. ranish

    Does she really think that scarred up shit is sexy? Ugh. I want to puke.

  13. 4) Pics of Danielle Staub are making our monitors smell like yeast, hairspray, mothballs and desperation.

    • me

      How can you say that when your filthy, scabby fishy jackhole is reeking all the way through??


      close your sticky fat thighs, btch.

  14. 100 dong

    I don’t like scars on my tit pictures…….

  15. goon

    fuck this new site is fucked up! gimme back my old superficial, with images in rss feed and all. the hell!

  16. frankw

    I believe the often used, very feminine adjective is, Ewww…

  17. joe blow

    “I can feel it…. every inch of it.”

  18. I thought this was a sex tape. who is she having sex with?

    And those implants are HORRENDOUS!!!

  19. OJ's Mom

    Holy Fucking Franken-Titties!!! Nasty!

  20. full noise

    stoked i can see the nsfw pics in my phone now but damm didn’t want to see those

  21. CY

    I would “do” that. (i mean sex.)

  22. ct

    That’s one fugly chick. I’d have to pretty drunk to bang that. No lying…

  23. RasputinsLiver


    Er….those are some of the most horrible udders I’ve seen.

    She really needs to but a over-sized baggy hoodie on. At least for us.


    And….uh…the site…yeah….well um…..wouldn’t matter what I think anyways.


  24. RasputinsLiver


    One thing I will say, Fish, and maybe others will agree…

    …there’s just way too much white on the comments board. Blinding as hell.


  25. ross

    Censored again…no nips

  26. Tuppy

    Bad boobjob! Bad! Bad! Off the couch!!!

  27. John

    IMO she is sexy as he’ll and fuxkin hot , y’all just haters

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