1. Snack pack

    I know, I know, I know. But almost no one creeps me out more than these two.

  2. Debutante

    What a bunch of Weirdo As**Hol(# !!!

  3. LadyMoustache

    What weirds me out is the way she’s looking at beady-eye squash-nose in this photo — like a dog hoping for a pat. Puts women’s lib back at least 60 years…

    • Amy

      Lol. This comment made me laugh. Makes me think of that small dog from Loony Tunes that hopped around and tried to please the big dog, Butch. “I dun good din’t I boss?” SMACK! “Shaddup.”

  4. “Yup, I fucked her…I fucked her but good. Lots of times. I made her spread those legs and I banged that pussy like an old screen door…yup, I fucked her…and I’ll do it again!”

  5. Can

    Woooow. That’s love right there. He looks at those feathered bangs, she focuses on that Mr. Ed mouth and they just go at it. Got-damn that’s gotta be some hot sexin.

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