1. suck it

    best part of 2011

    • My Right One

      Without a doubt. The Skarsgard became legendary during those few months. With tongue in cheek and raised glass in hand, I stand with Fish and wait for his return. As for the naysayers, this is a part of the penalty for greatness.

  2. Jez

    It took me a long time to finally find other ways to occupy my time than wait for Fish to find the best song to go with another skarsgaaaaaard post

  3. Cock Dr

    There are worse ways to end the year. Thought for sure we’d be treated to yet another shot of the Miami Beach workout bimbo and her bodacious buttocks/bolt ons.
    The storky Skarsgard is nice enough, but he’ll never be Viggo no matter how hard he tries.
    Happy New Year ya’ll.

    • Snack pack

      I’m no fan of his, but 2012 would be great if he displaced Paltrow wherever she tries to show up next year.

      Happy New Year CD, Fish, Photo-boy, the rest of the commenters, and the Superfish vsitors!!!

  4. cc

    Just wanted to mention any coolness or hotness that guy once allegedly possessed has been irreparably compromised by appearing in the agonizing, overwrought, and pretentious ‘Melancholia’.

  5. I still check for Askars return to the Superficial every day. It was a good work day when his pic popped up on my phone….

  6. Weaselmouse

    Skarsgaard and Fish’s concocted soundtrack tribute to him have been my favorite things this year. I came back to this page a few times today just to click the ‘play’ button and stare at that vampie hotness.

  7. cc

    BTW, Fish, remember the girl from Austin who was the SF avatar for a while? Can you get her back for a second round? I will stoop to begging.

  8. Jill Ess

    I can’t wait until he comes back!!

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