1. Colin

    This picture always makes me laugh. And not just because of the boob grab; I also always wonder if he’s banging the brother.

  2. Put down your fucking phone and go at it two-handed like a man!

  3. LadyMoustache

    Holy shit, I still think it looks like he’s groping a little kid!

  4. Bigalkie

    Close your eyes and think of me baby, there are cameras!

  5. SIN

    See? I’m straight. I can touch a womans breast with out throwing up…….Now where is the Lava soap and a bucket?

  6. coffee

    I’m pretty sure that this and the fake kiss with Teri Hatcher (his mom-fetish attempt at hetero) are his only two interactions with women.

  7. I don’t know whether or not Seacrest is gay, but this definitely proves he is a stupid, self-centered prick!

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