1. Cock Dr

    Has he been discharged from whatever mental health facility he was admitted to yet?

  2. cc

    Imagine the kick in the balls you could give him when he does that. Better still, imagine the satisfaction of doing it.

  3. If he’s trying to look like Benjamin Millepied, he needs to improve his point.

  4. What happened to Dreg, anyway? Rehab?

  5. LadyMoustache

    He’s got a surprisingly strong build and Nick is such a stringbean. Maybe Weston’s mama was burly.

  6. Bigalkie

    Weston Cage starts his own gang. The Gay Weirdo Posse, current membership one.

  7. Jake

    He looks like a young, insane Ray Liotta in eyeliner.

  8. A true karateka doesn’t put down his smoke while performing. Or does he? This picture isn’t helping.

  9. Can

    “A 1954 tobacco study shows nicotine increases flexibility, enhances eyeliner adhesiveness, and supports socklessness,”

  10. Esty

    I thought Day man defeated the Night man? Some master of karate…

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