1. ludichrisspeed

    Hooray for Austrian Sons of Anarchy Bob Barker

  2. Cock Dr


  3. LadyMoustache

    Too bad he can’t run for president. He looks like a young Ronald Reagan (i.e. 70-ish).

  4. “Wait, wait, wait…I fucked who?

  5. Tuppy

    “And YOU’RE next!!!”

  6. Crankybitch

    What is with the chain tied to his wallet? Good look, Ahnold. Next, you’ll wear your keys on your belt.

  7. Crankybitch

    Put some Pledge on it, Baby. That’s it, wipe it clean, make it shiny.

  8. bimbosmakemelooksmart

    Why is grandpa dressed so nice?

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