1. Cock Dr

    To bring forth the full wrath of judgemental sarcasm I would have to see him naked.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I really wouldn’t have guessed that someone who twirls/prances for a living would get the gift of unprotected sex with Natilie Portman. I probably would’ve guessed power forward for the NY Knicks ahead of a twirler/prancer.

  3. LadyMoustache

    The sad thing is that this pic was taken in the Bronx just minutes before he was set upon by a roaming gang of foaming homophobes who beat him silly while he screamed: “I knocked up a girl! Weely!! Oh, stop!”

  4. Amy

    Yeah well he is hot and was around. I mean, how does someone like Natalie Portman meet someone new? Most likely work where everyone is an actor/ess, dancer, producer, etc.

  5. If this guy is straight, this really makes one appreciate the potential advantages of being a heterosexual dancing male. Even Federline scored with Britney…maybe I should have gone to dancing school instead of spending all those years at the beach.

  6. chupacabra

    Oh he’s straight. He’s so straight he will fuck anything with MONEY. How do you think the NY Ballet gets all those donations from rich old women?

  7. mike

    i am pretty sure natalie portman is not a very good lay

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