1. Johnny P!

    1) Slash’s wife kicked this woman in the stomachS.
    2) The evils of on-line dating site doctored pics or “selective” face pics rear their ugly head yet again. (Unless this was the pic she posted, in which case Slash got his “Three Times A Lady” and can’t complain.)
    3) This woman will make a mint posing for novelty Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day cards (no doubt pouring chocolate sauce over her massive udders with a clever caption like ‘Sweets for Sweets, Baby! Come and get ‘em!”
    4) Slash is an idiot, and she used up her potential 15 minutes of fame squeezing her sagging baps together for the cameras. Ah, fleeting fame…

  2. Emersom Bigguns


  3. Ravi Sethna Ramalamadingdong

    Was Slash’s wife ever seen again or has she totally disappeared into that mound of blubber? She should have one of those tracking devices that they recommend for avalanche prone areas.

  4. Linds

    wtf is an online relationship

    no such thing, that’s like saying you have an invisible friend.

  5. Jon Hex

    The story makes more sense when you realize Slash is half black and have seen any midday talk show.

  6. I bet twenty bucks that her online profile lists her body type as “curvy”, any takers?

  7. SIN

    Why is there an empty flour bag by her bed?

  8. Can

    that lace is like, “wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff”

  9. Crankybitch

    She can nurse standing up.

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