1. Jack

    I’ve seen retarded kids with better helmets.

  2. Ruckus

    flame ON

  3. Colin

    Dammit, well now I am.

  4. Dave Mustaine

    Gay Captain America. How embarrassing.

  5. Venom

    Seriously, how the fuck did this guy get the job as Captain America?
    Captain America is supposed to be manly, like Hemsworth, not this dude.
    I don’t see why they did not hire his brother Liam instead of this dude.

  6. jennisbacksidemademebarf

    who in the RED WHITE BLACK AND BLUE HIS FACE WITH MY FIST is this fucker?????? that doesnt look like the guy from t he captn america movie, wtf?

  7. Stanley Lieber

    Evans-”I totally just left a big shit in Whedon’s trailer!! The schmuck’s gonna blame Downey jr.!!”

  8. Jack Napier

    Herp a derp

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