1. ryan reynolds

    look at my ex-wife’s booty. delicious

  2. papastryfe

    Chris: I would soooo look better in that catsuit than her.

  3. He looks more like Captain France to me.

  4. Strom

    Okay, I’m just going to say it. Captain America’s modern costume looks terrible. Like I-just-made-this-costume-to-wear-at-ComicCon terrible. His 1940′s getup was much classier.

  5. Presto117

    Captain America is an image in the films. He’s as much an image and an icon to America and to SHIELD as he is a weapon, so his modern suit was always going to be brightly colored. It also didn’t need the straps since he’s not carrying grenades or ammo or a fun. It also needed to be smaller and more form fitting because Cap’s much more agile in this film and moves around a lot more. Also, and I can’t stress this enough: color correction does a hell of a lot for the look of a costume. Set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man showed Spidey costumes of varying color intensities because of the way the scenes were lit and how they’d be fixed up in post. Cap’s costume isn’t nearly this bright in the color-corrected teaser for The Avengers they showed at the end of Captain America.

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